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October 22nd, 2006

I Wanna Know

I wanna know
I wanna know
How does it feel?

Does it hurt?
Dont you weep?
Tell me, tell me

I closed my eyes
Like you told me to
It didnt work me

I followed your rules
Did it step by step
It didnt work for me

You must know more
A secret you dont tell me
What is it?

Her sharpest words
Dont even penetrate you
Tell me

Is it the scars on your left arm?
Is it the empty bottles in your room?
Is it the letters that youve written?
Cause trust me boy its not worth it!

Does it hurt?
Tell me now
Now Im on my way home
I didnt mean to see whats not meant to be seen

July 5th, 2006

Put this everywhere until she sees it

May 24th, 2006

A new Songs

"Last Night"

Can I trust her? Can I let her go?
Can I be there? Can I let her go?
Are we messed up? Are we loosing hope?
I need to see you, We need to meet our goal right now

Can you trust me? Can you tell me now?
Can you here me? I need to lets this out
We're always Failing, We need to find some use
Are we helpless? Are you scared me too

Come on Baby, Lets elope right now
There is no maybe, Forget about dropping out
This is forever, Its only me and you
Come on baby, Lets make this our last night

I can't help it, If she makes me scared
Will you be there? Will you give a care?
Just let me hold you, At least for one last night
Will you be mad? If I said I lied

Come on baby, Lets elope right now
There is no maybe, forget about dropping out
This is forever, Its only you and I
Come on baby, Come on baby!!

Come on baby, Lets elope right now
There is no maybe, Forget about dropping out
This is forever, Its only you and I
Come on baby, Lets make this our last night

Last night....

May 23rd, 2006

going on in life

Okay, so amber & I are back together. I am waiting to see how long this will last this time. I mean I do love her & all but I don't really understand wh ywe break up so much. Well this weekend she is leaving to Vagas, so I hope she will be happy there. This weekends my Birthday I actually turn 16 for once in my life wow!!!!
Finally. Amber isn't going to see me for my birthday so eh, guess my birthday is going to be without her again another year in a row. I am going to the movies on Friday night with Cheekies, Natasha, Beans, and my Tahlia(maybe tahlia). It is going to be so fun I can't wait to hang out with my friends again yesh!!!! well thats all for now tootles...

May 22nd, 2006


So I have this "g/f"

& she "loves" me
but she has this x b/f
and she can't see it but everyone else can
hes trying to get back with her
slowly but he is

& I'm afraid of loosing her again
(even tho she dumps me once a week)

Well today we broke up for a stupid reason
then I asked her if i can talk to her after school
as i was waiting with my bes friend whitertat
she told me that amber was over there with her x (no names)

& I know she says "I'm not cheating on u"
but then it comes back to me
last time we broke up for a long time
it was cause of him
then 2days after we broke up she got with him

now don't u think they were up to something????

well i do.

then she gets mad at being best friends with my x-g/f. She told me that Whitertat knows more about me then she does. So that was a reason. Then she says I don't talk much.


I'm sick & tired of her X WTF!!!

I say just leave me so she can go back with him
cause i have a feeling its gunna turn out like that
& last time I had that feeling I was right

So time passes by
& I am still debating
should I go out with her or not???
well only time can tell
time heals all woons
but what if the woon is a scar?
then it will never be healed
think about it
he is trying to get her back
so fuck it I don't want a cheater
I want my buddy back

(no subject)


What does this Pic mean?
a lot to me

I don't know

I love amber
I mean like a lot
but whats the point?
I try my hardest
yet she breaks up with me
forget this
I love her I really do
but I'm tired of being treated like a nobody
I don't deserve better I know that
I deserve no one
I only have my friend Tahlia & whitney
Kinda is always there for me
& cheekies is telling me to give it up cause shes not worth it
I don't cheat on girls
so wtf
believe me already
if u don't believe me then don't waste ur time
I don't want someone who dosen't trust me
cause I know she cheated on me
so I don't care
just stay away from the guy that did it
IDK that she talks to him
just don't get to close or don't let him get to close
I'm sick of this
I want to go to Azusa high already
forget Pasadena the Drama city

my new song

As I lie awake in bed

I think of everything we had

thinking of your kisses your hugs your smiles and your lips

then I ask myself

did we have a good time?

was all of this worth it?

were you happywith me?

is anything, anything if its not nothing?

why do you do this to me?

why do I destroy my life you?

then as the night passes

it comes to me

everything was worth it for me

everything had a perpous for us

thats for us to be together

so why should it end?

nothing should end unless its a bad movie

so can I ask you 1 question be for I go?

have u ever loved me the way I love you

the reason for this question is that

u lie to make someone else tell the truth

but what u didn't know is that I know when u r lying

so please tell me the truth

cause I tell you everything

I do it cause i love you and nothing more.

my "g/f"

She treats me like shit, but no matter what I will always love her. She is buetiful and many ways. I don't trust her x-b/f, who was my friend. & now hes trying to get back in her life which I don't like. I FUCKING HATE THE GUY!!!
but Amber "loves" me
or so she says
but i do love her a lot
4 years and going
at least for me
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